Get the Information You Need

Get the Information You Need

Improve your case with the help of a private investigator in Pikeville, KY

You’re working on a legal case in Pikeville, KY, but you don’t have all the information you need to properly defend your client. Your case would benefit from more evidence that your client doesn’t have or know how to access. That’s where we come in. R & S Security Investigations, Inc offers the services you need to more deeply investigate the circumstances of your client and your opposition.

Just dial 606-434-9242 to find out more about the services we can offer your legal practice.

Reinforce your case

If you’re an attorney working on a case, you may be in need of information about your client or your opposition. Here are a few ways we can assist your legal practice:
  • Locate people and assets
  • Find leverage for negotiations
  • Enforce judgements
  • Gain more information about the opposition in a case
  • Predict your opponent’s next move
  • Prepare for cross examination
  • Collect and review electronic evidence
  • Monitor trademarked or intellectual property
  • Reconstruct a story, testimony or alibi
You can count on R & S Security Investigations, Inc to help you bolster your case.