Catch Them Red Handed

Catch Them Red Handed

Don’t let your Pikeville, KY employees get away with fraud

You run a business where there are risks of injury, but your employees are trained to handle the tasks that face them every day. If an employee is injured under unclear circumstances, you may want to complete an investigation to determine if they are really deserving of workers compensation. R & S Security Investigations, Inc in Pikeville, KY can investigate your employees when you’re suspicious of their actions.

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3 signs your employee may be lying about their accident

Are you suspicious about the events surrounding your employee’s claim for workers compensation? Here are a few signs that you should be aware of:
  1. There were no witnesses around at the time of the accident
  2. Your employee has filed a workers comp claim before
  3. Your employee’s story is inconsistent
Work with R & S Security Investigations, Inc to find out if your employee is attempting to take advantage of you.